We are dedicated to working with new ways of decarbonizing services in the maritime industry

Circular Economy

Our remanufacturing and service solutions optimize and benefit your value chain through a circular economy approach


Our RINA-approved classification guarantees that our exchange program and repairs produce components equivalent to new ones

Life Cycle Thinking

By utilizing the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we have started to develop a framework for reducing the carbon footprint of our components

Founded in 1979

Embracing Remanufactured Components

By using a circular economy approach, we strive to reduce emissions in our maritime solutions

We are committed to contributing to the decarbonization of the maritime industry. We achieve this by actively investing in the development of innovative solutions that help reduce our carbon footprint. Through our certified exchange program, we enhance the efficiency and reliability of repaired engine components, thereby setting higher standards for performance and dependability.

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This Is How You Benefit

By utilizing our solutions, you actively participate in our resource-conscious approach to enhance decarbonization through circular economy principles. Our ambition is to make a significant contribution to emission reduction by remanufacturing your worn-out diesel components. Rest assured, our class-approved exchange program, certified by RINA, ensures the highest quality standards in achieving this goal.

About The Exchange Program

Engage in our shared response program to unlock the value of unused assets and eliminate the need for stockpiling critical components for urgent repairs

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Driving Decarbonization in the Maritime Industry

At the heart of our evolving practices lies a commitment to circularity, aimed at reducing waste and fostering the efficient utilization of resources. As active contributors to the maritime industry, we have initiated the implementation of decarbonization measurements within our solutions.

Our ability to achieve this is made possible through our value-based and innovative work culture, which emphasizes excellence in all that we do. Furthermore, our strong partnerships and collaborations play a crucial role in driving our success.


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We provide the maritime industry with global certified engine solutions. Through our circular supply chain, we service turbochargers, machines, ships, and shipyards with our customers’ needs at the center. In this way we strive to create more by using less.



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