Unlocking Efficiency: Three Saving Techniques by Using Our Services

We specialize in the remanufacturing of a wide range of engine parts, including turbochargers, governors, fuel pumps, injectors, con-rods, cylinder heads, and many others. Our commitment to quality and efficiency has made us a trusted provider in the industry. By choosing remanufactured components from our expert team, you can unlock substantial advantages for your business, both financially and environmentally.


Dangers of Using NON-OEM parts or NON-ASF

Equipment owners of Woodward face potential risks when they opt for the use of non-Original Equipment Manufacturer (non-OEM) parts or non-authorized service facilities (non-ASF) to remanufacture their valuable equipment. These actions can have dire consequences, resulting in a series of detrimental effects that can significantly impact the owners.


More on Tailor-Made Solutions

We are proud to unveil our latest innovation in engine remanufacturing technology – our brand new 3D scanner. Designed specifically for engine applications, this cutting-edge scanner brings a host of benefits to the table, elevating the quality and efficiency of our remanufactured engines to new heights.